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The Sweet Life - Francine Pascal I didn't know this e-serial existed until very recently. But then again I wasn't really looking forward to other Sweet Valley books after having read Sweet Valley Confidential. The book wasn't that great and the only reason I rated it three stars was because even though I thought it was pretty bad and ridiculous and I hated the ending, it still made me laugh because of how awful it was. You know how some things are just so bad, they just make you laugh because you can't believe what you're reading? That book was like that.

The Sweet Life on the other hand, I actually enjoyed. This felt more like the Sweet Valley books I remember reading when I was younger. Which even though it was filled with tons of drama and could be ridiculous at times, still held a certain charm to it, which is why I was addicted to the series. The Sweet Life reminded me of those books and it is definitely so much better than Sweet Valley Confidential. The characters felt like their younger selves just grown up, which in SVC, they didn't really feel that way.

I recommend this to anyone who is a fan of the Sweet Valley series. Unlike Sweet Valley Confidential, this is worth the read. If even just for the nostalgia.