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Insurgent (Divergent, #2) - Veronica Roth I didn't like this book at all. I thought it was so boring and that it dragged on for much too long. There really wasn't anything going on. This book could have definitely been cut in half. And even then it might have been too long. I gave the first book 3 stars because even though it was kinda dumb, I was still able to enjoy it and it didn't take me a long time to read. This book was not good. It sort of reminded me of some telenovelas (spanish soap operas) where most of the time, when the main dilemmas have been presented, all the characters do is talk, contemplate, and lament what has happened, but nothing actually is ever done about the situation until what seems like a very long time. But even then, those telenovelas are more entertaining than this book because we know that's their format. We know all this stuff is supposed to happen to the main characters, we know that after problems arise, it's followed by a period of nothing really going on to keep the suspense going. But there are other character story lines to follow and there are hot guys to look at. haha. But this book dragged on far too long with not enough going on and no hot guys to actually look at. My imagination wasn't enough this time around.

I'm not sure why this book is so highly rated. It actually makes me kinda sad because there are better books out there that don't get enough attention. And also because I know some people have said it's because Veronia Roth is young, so you can't expect some extremely well written book, but I think that's a cop out. Age may be a factor, but it doesn't mean you can't write well. And it seems like hype seems to cloud people's judgment about this book. I'm not saying you can't enjoy this book because like I said I enjoyed the first book even when I didn't think it was that great, but sometimes it seems some people can't see flaws a book may have. It reminded me of this pic a bit.


Another thing that really bothered me were the characters. They are so bland, two dimensional, and they all seemed to blend together. I honestly forgot most of their names. And I know we were supposed to feel for these characters because of the things they were going through, like some of their loved ones dying, but I really could care less. I think part of the reason is that I was spoiled by Paolo Bacigalupi's The Drowned Cities which I was reading at the same time as this. Now that book I could feel for what the characters were going through.

I think the biggest thing that bothered me was that these characters were so stupid. I mean, I know Tris was supposed to be smarter than most people, but they just seemed super dumb, even those in Erudite. And most of the stuff that she said that was supposed to be smart, was more of common sense, for example, thinking situations through and coming to a conclusion. Which most people should automatically do, it's not a scientific process which almost no one can figure out. Or at least it shouldn't be. I know some people lack common sense, but for most of the characters to lack this? O_o I didn't even think Tris was smart.


I have to say though that I will be reading the next book because I would like to know where Roth goes with it. And because the cliffhanger at the end got to me.