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Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James I decided to read this book because I was dismayed that this book was sold out at Barnes and Noble. I had read bad reviews about it and I knew it was fan fiction, so I was wondering who was willingly buying this and enjoying it. Oh boy...

There isn't much that I can say about this book that already hasn't been said. You should check out this review. It was one of my favorites and it expresses my own sentiments. http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/340740106

This book took me awhile to get through because it was pretty bad and it was so boring. The characters are terrible. Why is this a bestseller?! Why are people in love with Christian Grey? The only thing he has going for him is his looks and money! Seriously, he is a controlling douchebag. Can people not see this? Why don't people see this? I don't care about his "sad side", he is still a controlling douchebag. Having had a hard life doesn't excuse you from being an awful person. You might think: Ok I get why you act this way. But... It doesn't make your bad behavior ok. It just doesn't. And since when is stalking attractive? People can't do things the old fashion way anymore? Like going on dates to get to know someone?

Oh and Ana... She is one of the dumbest characters ever. She's so in love with this guy who she doesn't know much about. Only thing she is really familiar with about this guy is his body since all they pretty much do is have sex. And that makes her be in love? She even says at one point that she will do anything for him. So... Just for sex alone you will do anything for him? Uh no. I think someone with some sense will want more than good sex as a requisite for love. And for some dumb reason she thinks Christian actually cares about her? Why Ana, why? Because he wants to control everything about you? And why Christian thinks she's so fascinating is beyond me. She's so lame and dumb. He might want to get a brain transplant. But then again, they deserve each other.


One thing that really irked me was the constant emails that they sent to each other. I know he was at meetings at some points of the book, but haven't they heard of texting? Who constantly emails when they could constantly text?

I was reading this on the Kindle for PC and I kept highlighting so many things and taking notes. It seemed like the only thing I kept saying as I was reading this was:

I said that out loud so many times that my brothers kept asking me why I was even reading this. When I said it was because I was planning to get through it, they just shook their heads at me.

It makes me sad to think that there are much better books out there that don't get as much exposure as this crap. And I think that is why publishers and other people will not put that much effort into actually giving the world a good quality book. Instead crap like this gets mass produced and sold. Granted a lot of books are made for the money, but I think if people actually saw beyond crap like this, we could possibly get better quality books.


And if anyone is interested, someone made a trailer for this book. As much as I don't like this book, this trailer was well done.