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Goodnight iPad: A Parody for the Next Generation - Ann Droyd I went to the bookstore a bit before catching the train home yesterday. I saw this book and I remembered that it was on my TBR list so I picked it up. :D

The book is pretty funny and also relevant to today. I was laughing at some points because the whole thing was pretty funny especially with the pictures. Especially when the grandma started taking away all the technology and throwing it out the window and her family was looking so horrified and trying to make a leap for their stuff. Haha. It's funny too because it says our technology will still be waiting for us in the morning. And it will, but after grandma tossed it out the window, it wouldn't be fully functioning. Haha. It made me laugh even more because I can imagine people actually doing that and reacting that way. :D

I also thought it was a good book because it is relevant to today. It shows us how we are so into our cell phones, TV, and other technology, how technology has come to be a major part of our lives, when sometimes we just need to unplug everything and spend more time with each other and less time with our technology. And it showed us how sometimes we lose sleep because we are so mesmerized by our technology.

I recommend this book to everyone. It's pretty funny.