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Hana - Lauren Oliver I was able to read this for free which was awesome. :D Anyway, this novella didn't add much to the world Lauren Oliver created, it was kinda pointless actually, but if you are a huge fan of Delirium then you should definitely read this. You will most likely enjoy it.

That being said, I enjoy Lauren Oliver's writing. It's very lyrical and flows very well. It's very nice. She really is good at her craft. That's one of the things I enjoyed best while reading this.

I didn't like Lena much Delirium, her character annoyed me for some reason. Maybe because she seemed pretty bland to me. Like so scared all the time and I found this pretty annoying. I did like Hana better than Lena because she was more outgoing and more willing to explore the world and she seemed more of a layered character than Lena. And with this novella, I liked her even more. We get a bit more insight of who she is as a person and I enjoyed what I read. In fact, I think her life is far more interesting than Lena's. She should have been the main character. Lena has struggles, but I don't see them as that huge of a deal because she accepted the society she was living in more than Hana did. Hana wanted to explore what was forbidden, she wanted to live, to be free Lena didn't. She was ok with the world she was in. I mean, she did later change her mind because of Alex, but somehow this didn't hold the same power as with Hana. I think it was because it seemed she liked Alex for no reason really, as opposed to Hana, who really just wanted to be able to experience life, including love. She wasn't just limited to love as was Lena. To me it is far more interesting to be struggling with the life you want to be free to live and the life you are forced to live.

In this novella, we get to see the struggles Hana goes through which are relatable to all of us because it is something that happens now. Flirting with someone, believing in the magic and power of love, being afraid that the person you like doesn't like you as much as you like them, etc. She is not familiar with any of this really, but she knows she wants to be. She longs to be. Unfortunately for her, her heart gets broken. The guy she really likes, only wants to get into her pants. What made this more emotional is that since she has never really experienced this, this "betrayal" hurts even more because she doesn't fully understand it. After all this, she discovers that Alex and Lena are together and happy. Why are they happy? Why can't she be happy? Is there something wrong with her?

The ending didn't surprise me that much, but I won't spoil it here. It will probably shock some people though.

As I said before, I recommend this book to people who are huge fans of this series and who prefer Hana over Lena, like I do.