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Exile (Mercy, #2) - Rebecca Lim I really enjoyed this book. I literally finished the first book and started right away with this one. I got addicted.

This book is a bit slower in a sense and more confined. With Mercy it revolved around mystery, suspense, romance and it had a lot of characters. Mercy interacted with a lot of people and it seemed like there was always something going on. Things kept happening. Especially because she and Ryan kept searching for Lauren and following leads, while at the same time Mercy was going through internal struggles because and while she had to deal with Carmen's life since she just couldn't just disengage from it.

This book was kinda claustrophobic. It mostly took place at the Green Lantern where Lela (the new person Mercy is inhabiting) waitresses and the same characters were always there. Either because they were working there or because they just kept coming back as customers. It's like you couldn't escape them or this place. It was depressing and engulfing, especially because a lot of these characters didn't really have happy lives. Most of these characters wanted something more in life and just weren't getting it. Like Lela, with her mother dying and the things she had to give up because of her mother's illness. And like with the one character Franklin who tried to commit suicide at the Green Lantern because he lost his job and because he thought his wife wouldn't understand him. And also because now that Mercy's memory is coming back, her internal struggles have deepened. She also remembers Ryan, her feelings for him haven't gone away, even though she keeps dreaming of Luc. These things weren't bad though because they helped with the tone of the book. It was more depressing and traumatic, exactly like Mercy's life is turning out to be since more things are becoming clear to her. And even though she wants to remember, it doesn't mean that her past and the answers she is looking for are pleasant ones.

Since this book felt slow and confined because Mercy/Lela's lives were depressing ones, Mercy's search for Ryan was killing me. It was like she was never going to find him and searching for him was taking too long for me. I kept reading and reading and thinking "Show up already Ryan. Please show up because without you things can go no further. I need to know more now." And when I found out Mercy didn't know much about technology or setting up a networking account, which was crucial because that was one of the few ways she could try to locate Ryan, I was like:


This was an unexpected obstacle for me. It didn't even cross my mind though it should have been obvious since she's an angel. And it seemed like Ranald took an eternity to help her set up her account. Like putting in her location, taking a picture of her, etc. And I'm thinking just hurry up already! We need to contact Ryan!

Anyway, I liked that we got to learn more about the angels in this book because I felt like I hadn't learned enough from the first book. I was thirsting for more. Especially because I have always thought angels were cool and I wanted to see where Rebecca Lim headed with her angel lore.

And oh man the remaining 15% of the book... I won't spoil it, but here's how it left me feeling.



Oh and for some reason, the book felt better to me when I was listening to music like this: