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Life As We Knew It - Susan Beth Pfeffer I really enjoyed this book. This was one of those books that as soon as I saw it, I knew I was going to like it. I had seen this book years ago actually in the bookstore, but never got it. I don't remember why.

Anyway, I thought the book was really well done and I like that something simple, but factual was used to get the story going. Some dystopian novels aren't too realistic or not enough research is done. In this case, as I said something simple, but factual was used. The moon controls tides because of its gravitational pull and in the book a meteor hits the moon, a powerful meteor and the moon suddenly becomes extremely close. So close that it's scary, not just because of how near it seems to be, but also because of everything that it causes.

The drastic changes in the weather were scary and very realistic to me. It was made more realistic because this book was written in diary format. So it was easier to feel closer to Miranda and her family and see what hardships they were up against. But it was particularly realistic to me because as I was reading this book and getting immersed in all the struggles that Miranda and her family had to go through, the weather actually changed drastically in real life and some of the animals were being strange, like the birds. In the same week, the weather had been nice, then I wake up the next day and for the next few days, the weather shot up to close to 100. And for some reason as that happened, I was in the part of the book where the weather was getting unbearably hot. And the electricity went out for me at one point because most of the ACs in the house were on. And all I did was blow dry my hair, I didn't even have anything else plugged in in my room. So it made me think a lot and it scared me. Because even though the moon isn't closer to earth as in the book, the weather is changing because of global warming. And taking a moment to think about these changes, it's easy to conclude that we can go through the same things as Miranda and her family because of this.

Think about this. So much more electricity is being used than before because of the ever increasing development of technology. And on top of that because of the weather changes because winters are lasting longer and summer is starting earlier, more electricity is being used. So if the weather keeps changing this way, wouldn't it be possible to start running out of things because we are using them so much more than normal? Electricity is produced through power stations which use natural gas, coal, or oil. These things won't last forever. In fact, even though there are people in denial, these supplies are in fact gradually depleting because we already use so much of it. Also burning coal, gas, oil, etc. adds to the greenhouse effect which in turn causes global warming. And not only are these supplies being exhausted, but also other resources. Like trees.

I sort of connected this book to The Windup Girl, one of my favorite books of all time, which is about how global warming has affected the world a lot and a lot of natural resources have been exhausted. Life As We Knew It is almost like what could have possibly happened that made the world of The Windup Girl exist. I liked that I was able to connect these books together.

Anyway, what I also liked about this book was that there is not so much action/drama going on, yet it is still compelling. Some people might find it boring, but life isn't like the movies. Think about movies like 2012 and The Day After Tomorrow, where so much action/drama happened which is entertaining, but if the world is possibly ending, how much drama can there actually be? I seriously doubt people are going to be having drama, if there are more important things to worry about like keeping warm and finding more food. So I really liked that this book didn't have much of that, but it still kept me entertained. I imagined being bored, lonely, and feeling claustrophobic because of the things that Miranda kept losing. Things that we take for granted. To keep warm, they all had to stay in one room. She lost privacy. To try to survive longer and because the weather kept changing, they had to stay inside a lot where there wasn't that much to do. Or I should say not fun/entertaining things to do. How would we survive in a world like this? Would we even survive? Because even though food and water are most important in a situation like this there are also other things to consider. Like how long can we survive feeling claustrophobic? How long can we survive feeling despair? Depression? Would we kill ourselves because of this?

I wished though that I would have gotten a better sense of the rest of the world. What were other countries and people going through? How much of the world was left? Then again, if we really were in this situation and things were that bad, would we even have a way of knowing any of this information?

I'm hoping to get the next two books in this series. Hope they are good.