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The Windup Girl - Paolo Bacigalupi This book was incredible. Absolutely loved it. :D It reminded me so much of my favorite class from the semester that just ended for me, The Global Crisis. Things that we explored in that class became present in the book. Very realistic. This is probably one of the most realistic dystopias that I've read. Though scary because the story presented can very well happen in the our future. A future that will be dark and grim. Though I've enjoyed other dystopias, what makes this one of my top favorites is that this presents a world where natural resources have been exhausted, global warming is fully present, and the world is suffering because of it. Books like Feed by M.T. Anderson present a world that is technologically advanced and for the most part things are ok. Yes there are struggles with disconnection and superficiality amongst people, but in regards to food and stuff, things are ok. The Windup Girl on the other hand, as I already mentioned, shows the opposite of this. Which can very well happen soon with the way we are going about living in this world. We want to ignore that this is happening, but resources are depleting and the world is changing in so many ways. Take a look at China, who is steadily rising in power. And they're rising at a fast rate.

What I also liked about this book was that it reminded me of what I discussed in my class about progress. Progress sometimes isn't needed. Why do people need to keep using and using or creating and creating things for the sake of progress? Why do people associate this with progress? Why can't we let things be? There are still some countries where they don't really have roads and if you sit and think about it, it's not that big of a deal. Same goes for things like technology. What is the point of always advancing things like cell phone and computers and things? For money? Is it really helping our world in any way? Yes, we are connected to each other in a sense and that helps us learn about other countries and things in a faster and probably more efficient way, but there is also great disconnection between people nowadays. Everyone has their own personal world that they can be in because of technology. You can sit at home texting all day and be deluded into thinking that you truly are making connection with people.

I went on a tangent a bit, but wanted to get that out there. I also enjoyed most of the characters in this book. Particularly Kanya and her struggle to figure out what do with the circumstances she finds herself in. She was a consequentialist in a sense because of the things she chose to do to get to her goal. Or I should say goals that were given to her. But at the same time she wasn't fully at peace with being a consequentialist because she seemed to always be struggling with her choices and thinking about the things she had done or had to do. Was everything she did really worth it? Really enjoyed her character.

This is definitely one of my favorite books of all time now and would recommend it to anyone. So glad I bought it. :D And looking forward to getting Shipbreaker, which I'm pretty sure it's going to be as good as this book.