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Muse (Mercy, #3)

Muse (Mercy, #3) - Rebecca Lim This is how this book left me when I finished.


This book is my favorite out of the series so far. I think mostly because it had way more paranormal elements and action than the previous two books. I was deeply satisfied. The angels were way more prominent in this book and we learned a lot more about Mercy and the angels. Also I liked that it felt like we were finally getting answers. Things happened a lot faster than in the previous book, which killed me because it was like the light at the end of tunnel would never be reached. I wanted so badly for things to quickly transpire for Mercy.

I enjoyed the chaos of Irina's life. (this is the new person whose body Mercy's inhabits)Irina is a supermodel and her life is crazy because of it. She's followed everywhere, everyone wants to know about her life, there are people who don't like her, she's struggling with her life because it has spiraled out of control. It is an extremely demanding lifestyle, one that Mercy doesn't understand, especially because it doesn't make sense to her that someone would subject themselves to this sort of life, but I think Irina's chaotic life is nice parallel to Mercy's inner struggles. Because this is the book in which she discovers more things about herself, the Elohim, and where she starts piecing everything together. She finally realizes why she was exiled to begin with and the horror of this realization is huge. And on top of all this, she once again is in search of Ryan. Even though she has doubts since technically speaking they are not compatible. He is human and she is an angel. Her life is at the most chaotic it has ever been. I loved it.

And oh man, the action sequences were epic. I had to listen to these two songs to make it even more epic for myself:



These songs were just perfect for me and the mood of the book. Usually I don't have to listen to specific music while reading, any music will do. But for this series, I just felt compelled to listen to this type of music. Then it was like I HAVE to listen to this or I can't concentrate on the story. I guess I got too into it? Haha I don't know. And I still haven't gotten bored of listening to the same songs. Also this book made me lose sleep because I just wanted to finish it. I only got like 3hrs of sleep. I had to get up early to go to a meeting since I'm producing a new movie.

Anyway, here are some pictures that describe the epicness of the action sequences.




Can't wait for the last book to come out. And I really need to buy these books for my bookshelves. Someone please gift them to me!